Business Envelopes consist of a logo, telephone number and a return address. It is essential to have printed business Envelopes. All kinds of communication from a legal organization or institution cannot be considered as official without an Envelope.

    Don’t confuse yourself-have a look at our nice and easy guide to envelope printing to make sure you get the right envelope for the item you want to post.

    Envelopes come in a variety of different types and sizes. Once you know what envelope size and style you want, you can get quote for our available envelope stock.

    Type 1 (DL)

    Size - 22cm wide and 11cm in length.

    Use - this kind of envelope used for A4 letters and documents that can be folded into 3equal parts.

  • Type 2 (C5)

    Size - 22.9cm wide and 16.2cm in height.

    Use - due to bigger size are popular if sending A4 paper and documents that can be folded in half.

    Type 3 (C4)

    Size - 32.4cm wide and 22.9cm in height.

    Use - fit for letters and documents of A4 size that you do not want to fold. A4 sheets of paper fir neatly withing this type of envelope and aid a professional and neat delivery.

    Sealing types

    Self – Sealing Envelopes

    A self-sealing envelope has a glued strip attached to the envelope flap. To seal the envelope you just have to pres the flap and envelope together- its easy!

    Gummed Envelopes

    Gummed envelopes require you to moisten the glue on the flap of the envelope to seal it.

    This is the cheapest and most traditional way to seal an envelope, but if you have a large number of letters to send out and you don’t fancy licking them all yourself then you may prefer to opt for a self-seal envelope.

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